Eric K. Lerner

Thank you for visiting the Tarot Asylum Shop. We are still in beta-testing, getting our basic inventory of silkscreen prints ready. It's proved a bit more time consuming than initially anticipated. All prints are hand-pulled by Eric K. Lerner. When the silkscreens become available most will be priced consistently with gig posters at between $25 and $75 depending on the size and complexity of the print.
For now, as a holiday offering, are remaining prints from a variable edition by Lerner of the orisha Shango inspired by the Oba Koso narrative and a painting he did for the BBC tele-drama Sea of Souls.
They are priced at $266.00 (USD) with  $10.00 postage in the U.S. International buyers please inquire about shipping cost before ordering. Etchings are mailed in protective plasticsheeting with carboard protection.
If you see any prints you like in either of the two galleries, feel free to use the contact form to ask about availability.
Happy Holidays!